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Country Turned Classic

At our initial meeting, our clients were struggling with this small kitchen layout that just didn't seem to fit their style or compliment the adjacent comfy seating space.


Between suggestions from our design team and creative inspirations from the homeowners, walls came down to open the space and integrate a larger, more accessible kitchen layout. This in turn allowed the open living space to feel less crowded but still allow the family to have a space to gather comfortably.


Simple updates to the "Arkansas Room" brought a much needed facelift. A brighter color scheme all around gave the newer, larger layout the brighter vibe the homeowners were striving to achieve.


Connecting rooms had to be re-evaluated in the spatial layout to make a new entry for an office, and the staircase flow without looking like an afterthought. The entryway and dining room received the same makeover for a cohesive design throughout.


Updated lighting and fun punches of texture added the perfect amount of character the homeowners wanted to make it their own. (Check out the mirrored backsplash elements and the tiles staircase risers!)


We thoroughly enjoyed this remodel and the clients' sweet disposition to trust our design process. What a transformation! And with a view like that, who would want to leave?!


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